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A Little History

District & Sessions Courts exist in every district of each province, and have civil and criminal jurisdiction. In each District Headquarters, there are numerous Additional District & Session Judges who usually preside the courts. District & Sessions Judge has executive and judicial power all over the district under his jurisdiction. The Sessions court is also a trial court for heinous offenses such as Murder, Rape, Haraba offenses (armed robbery where specific amount of gold & cash is involved), and is also appellate court for summary conviction offenses and civil suits of lesser value. Each Town and city now has a court of Additional District & Sessions judge, which possess the equal authority over, under its jurisdiction. When hearing criminal cases, it is called the Sessions Court, and when it hears civil cases, the District Court. Executive matters are brought before the relevant District & Sessions Judge from all over the district who takes necessary action upon them, in accordance with law.

The Sessions Court Peshawar was established in 1900, at its old building situated at Jail Road, adjacent to M.P.A Hostel and opposite to Central Jail, Peshawar. At the beginning, there was only one District & Sessions Judge who resided the court but with the passage of time, as the work-load increased, several Additional District & Sessions Judges were also deputed for the purpose. An Additional District & Sessions Judge has same judicial powers as full District & sessions Judge excepts the Administration Powers which are only exercised by the District & Sessions Judge.

Major Englis was the first District & Sessions Judge at Peshawar, who remained at the said post w.e.f 12th December, 1900 to 10th May, 1903. Mr. S. W. Gray was the second District & Sessions Judge of district Peshawar from 20th May 1903 to 03th April, 1905 and so on... Learned Anwar Ali Khan is the present District & Sessions Judge who took charge of his post on 20th October, 2014. A complete list of former Sessions Judges of the district Peshawar can be downloaded here


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Courts in the District

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Welcome to Sessions Court, Peshawar
Welcome to Sessions Court, Peshawar